Our Journey

After years of hard work and preparation, M-KAE finally launched its very first collection in April 2018. The founder of the brand is Maria Kragmann, also known as a Danish content creator. Since we started M-KAE, we have been striving for timeless design, elegant and classic key pieces all in the highest quality and at affordable prices.

The dream

M-KAE has been a dream for me since I was a little girl. I have always been the most creative person in my family and you could always find me in my room drawing clothes and girls for hours. For me, fashion doesn’t need to be that expensive or about what’s trending. M-KAE is all about what I love and want to wear myself. Clothes deserve to be worn, kept for many years to come, and not least they deserve to be loved. My wish is to make all M-KAE girls feel beautiful and fab

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For us, it is very important to be transparent with you. Through our Swedish agent, we work with a manufacturer in Istanbul and Shenzhen. Our agent lived in Shenzhen studying mandarin for years herself and made a strong relationship with the manufacturer and the industry. She still travels to visit our manufacturer on a regular basis, and it is important to us that all of our products are made under good conditions. Our manufacturer is WCA-certified (Workplace Conditions Assessment).


We focus on creating products in high standard quality fabrics, always with a sustainable approach from sourcing the fibers to the final production. We believe in buying less and wearing more. We will be updating this section as we continue the development of our brand and collections.

We partnered with Empower to clean-up plastic form the ocean, see our impact below.


Vi vil gerne hjælpe med at rydde op på vores planet, og indtil videre har vi renset følgende: